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  • Samuel McDonald

    Samuel McDonald

    I was making up stories before I could even read, but once I learned how you could always find me with my nose in a book. Twitter : @mcDonald887

  • Heather Fyson

    Heather Fyson

    I am a blog editor at KNIME. My background is in translation & proofreading German -> English.

  • Oscar Crone

    Oscar Crone

    100% Allah’s manufacture… Husband || Father Abusite/Athlete/Poetry

  • Lisandro I. Abulatif

    Lisandro I. Abulatif

    Data Wrangling & Analytics | Processos de Planejamento e Gestão | Desenvolvimento Sustentável

  • Useche Mario

    Useche Mario

  • Ameer Hamza

    Ameer Hamza

    Enthusiastic content writer having pretty much experience and knowledge to handle any article. Producing creativity in the project is the basic acknowledgment.

  • Pooja Prabhu

    Pooja Prabhu

    Curious Learner || I love to connect with people and words.

  • Leakey the IT Guy

    Leakey the IT Guy

    I am a Data scientist

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