Combine the power of KNIME, Jupyter and Tableau to get a better understanding of the question: How will COVID-19 spread in different countries of the world?

Covid-19 Dashboard with expected cases

After publishing two different articles on the topic on “how to make Covid-19 projections” (see in the references below), I decided to produce this short video to summarize my experiences and give a brief insight into my methods.

The Motivation

My greatest concern was since the beginning of the spread in China to answer this crucial question: “When will be this pandemic over?
When I saw the first videos on Youtube with these long lines of people in front of the hospitals in China, I was asking myself: is this true? Are we in a real danger?

So, I started to…

Decomposition of growth into S-shaped logistic components also known as Loglet-analysis is a better predictor for the covid-19 spread, as it takes into account the evolution of multiple waves.

In the last article, we showed how to make a forecast for the next 30 days using covid data from the Johns Hopkins Institute with KNIME, Jupyter, and Tableau. The projections were optimized for a logistic growth model. We will show that the decomposition of growth into S-shaped logistic components also known as Loglet analysis, is more accurate as it takes into account the evolution of multiple covid waves.

The term…

These are the lessons and best practices I learned in many years of experience in data blending, and the software that became my most important tool in my day-to-day work.

Data is everywhere in our new interconnected global world. It is captured in almost every aspect of our lives — groceries we purchase, websites we visit and opinions we share. As the importance of the data continues to growth so does the use of this data by organizations to better understand their customers, optimize their promotions, and much more. Business and Data analysts have become the main driving force to answer more complex business questions. Many analysts find it difficult to address this new data challenge because their traditional tools and approaches are not efficient enough to handle this new…

Make projections for covid 19 for the next 30 days by combining KNIME for data integration, jupyter to fit models and Tableau to create visualizations.

While the USA is already in the midst of the third covid19 wave, Austria has just declared the second lockdown.

Dennis Ganzaroli

Data Scientist and Head of Report & Data-Management in a big Telco in Switzerland

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